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Brooklyn – A City of its Own

Brooklyn - A World Apart

Most people think of Manhattan when they hear the word “NYC.” Though the borough has its fair share of attractions and history, Brooklyn has a unique history of its own, and a particular culture that sets it apart from the other boroughs of NYC. From Coney Island Beach to Prospect Park, Brooklyn has so much to offer to anyone stopping by for a visit. Contact CityWalksNY today for a private tour of Brooklyn in NYC so you do not miss out on all the wonder of Brooklyn.


Though today it is part of NYC, Brooklyn was once a city of its own, only incorporated as a borough in 1898. This bit of history informs Brooklyn’s present day status, as it acts as its own city, with an identity that separates it from the rest of the city, including historic townhouses in Greenpoint and the rise of hipster artists in Williamsburg and Red Hook. Brooklyn has a chapter of its own in the city’s rich immigrant history as well, with neighborhoods such as Sunset Park, with its large Chinese and Hispanic population, and Bay Ridge, home to a burgeoning Arabic community, contributing to the dynamic culture of the city. The neighborhoods, along with others, represent the best of Brooklyn in terms of art, culture, and food.

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Along with its history, Brooklyn has a plethora of sites to explore and activities to engage in. Following Hurricane Sandy, the revitalized Coney Island neighborhood and eponymous beach are a great place to spend the summer days, with weekly fireworks through the summer months and the amusement park full of attractions. Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are great if you have children with you, along with the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where one can spend the day lounging by the waterfront during a sultry, summer day. But the borough has its share of the arts as well, with the BAM serving as a center of avant-garde performances. The Brooklyn Museum is the third-largest in the city, with works ranging from Edward Hopper and Norman Rockwell to ancient Egyptian and African artifacts, along with American art from the colonial era. A private tour of Brooklyn in NYC will highlight all of the above and more when you come to town for a visit. Do not miss out on the best of Brooklyn!

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Brooklyn – A City of its Own July 19, 2017

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