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Central Park Tours

Amid this concrete jungle lies a lush oasis unlike any other. Designed and built by the renowned Frederick Law Olmstead it has come to capture the hearts of visitors around the world. An icon, of lush greenery, of peace and calm in this fast paced city.

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Central Park: New York City’s Backyard

It would not be a stretch to think that in a place like NYC, it can be difficult to find extensive green space besides the stray tree here and there. But that is simply not true. The 843-acre Central Park disproves the theory that there cannot be large green spaces in big cities. Located in the center of Manhattan, the park is known for its beauty and range of activities. Central Park itself can be a trip for the entire day, as you would need to stop multiple times to admire the brilliance of nature around. CityWalksNY provides you with a Central Park private tour, allowing you to indulge in the radiant beauty of an urban park that is a hallmark of the city.

The Park at the heart of the city

With over 58 miles worth of walking trails, Central Park can be difficult to navigate? Where to start and where to stop? Facing such a large area, it can be helpful to have a private tour guide to help you navigate the way because there is so much to explore in the Park and the best experience could be easily missed. There is so much history behind the Park, including the story behind the winning plan by Frederick Law Olmstead and Calvert Vaux in 1858, after which it took 15 years to complete the park. Yes, Central Park is entirely man-made! The Park also mirrors the topography of New York State from north to south. Your Central Park tour guide will also point any locations where famous films and shows have been shot in the past, including When Harry Met Sally, Elf and Gossip Girls.


Tour the sights in Central Park

There is much more to Central Park than just natural scenery, as there are multiple locations where you can stop and unwind, including the Central Park Zoo, the carousel and Belvedere Castle. A Central Park private tour will take you to Strawberry Fields, the memorial garden commemorating John Lennon. If you are in the mood for something more romantic, a sunset private tour of the Park along The Mall, the elm-lined promenade, and a visit to the Bow Bridge will entice you. No matter how you wish to experience it, CityWalksNY will provide a custom tour for you to enjoy all the beauty and splendor of one of the biggest and most beautiful urban parks in the entire country.

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Central Park Private Tour December 7, 2016

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