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Central Park Zoo Tour

Central Park Zoo Tour

Central Park is unique and majestic amongst NYC parks because it is more than just a green space. Though the natural landscapes dominate the average visitor’s attention, the park is also host to a bevy of different attractions, from the John Lennon memorial at Strawberry Fields to the Wollman Rink that is open for ice skating during the winter months. But one prominent attraction that escapes the attention is the Central Park Zoo, a wonderful stop for anyone traveling with children. Though smaller than the typical zoo, Central Park’s collection of wildlife is unique and beautiful in its own way, as the park offers more than just visual access to its inhabitants. If you do not want to miss out on this beautiful place during your trip to NYC, make sure to reach out to CityWalksNY for a private tour today!


Often overshadowed by its larger counterpart in the Bronx, the Central Park Zoo has a unique history of its own. Originally just a collection of animals donated to the park by citizens, the collection faced years of inconsistent attention, falling from repair to disrepair continually. Reorganized into is current format in 1988, the Central Park Zoo aims to create a natural habitat for its residents, while also providing incredibly close access for visitors’ through areas such as the Tropic Zone, where children can enter the natural residence of the tropical birds and experience a close interaction with the animals.

Visiting the Zoo

The Zoo also houses a daily feeding of sea lions and penguins, and clear walls allow visitors to fully witness the watery surroundings of the sea lions, who perform tricks for their snacks. The Temperate Territory houses animals such as snow leopards, pandas, and snow monkeys among others, all which one can see while breathing fresh air outdoors. Further along from the proper zoo is the Tisch’s Children’s Zoo, where children can directly interact with live animals such as goats, cows, and sheep. But why keep reading? Do not miss out on the Central Park Zoo and other NYC parks during your visit. Make sure to contact CityWalksNY for a private tour so you can reap the benefits of visiting the greatest city in the world.

Central Park Zoo Tour May 28, 2017

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