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Empire State Building Private Tour

New York is called the Empire State for many reasons, the iconic Empire State Building is one of them. New York was built on the foundations of New Amsterdam, and as the empire of New York and the United States has grown so have the architectural marvels that inhabit it. Join CityWalksNY for a Private tour of the Empire State Building and get to know the building in all its glory.

Various images pop into one’s mind when thinking of NYC. The bright lights of Times Square. The Statue of Liberty. The New York-style slice of pizza. All of those are iconic and tied to NYC’s identity, but very few stand out as much as the Empire State Building. Located in Midtown Manhattan, the Art Deco building is part of NYC’s identity like few other things. But only so much can be gleaned from postcards and images of the building.

The true majesty of the Empire State Building can only be felt in person. CityWalksNY will take you on your private Empire State Building tour so you do not miss out on any moment of beauty or tidbit of history while in NYC.


Building An Empire State

Opening in 1930, the Empire State Building’s entry into NYC happened at the same time as the beginning of the Great Depression, and this led to an early period of empty floors, leading to the nickname “The Empty State Building.” When first erected, the building was the tallest in America, and still stands as one of the tallest in the country. But the building grew over the years, and eventually became an iconic feat of not only

But the building grew over the years, and eventually became an iconic feat of not only architecture but NYC, as well. The famous scene of King Kong is where the giant animal climbs along the building’s exterior. That, and other famous representations in entertainment have solidified the Empire State Building as an institution like no other. Over the years Hollywood has made the building an important part of it’s big budget productions garnering it and New York City more attention.


Explore the Empire State Building

During your private tour of the Empire State Building, one of the first things you’ll see is the famous Art Deco interior, renovated over the years to maintain its original sheen and beauty. But the most famous parts of the building are the two observation decks, one on the 86th floor, and one on the 102nd.

Passes are required to visit but CityWalksNY will take care of that beforehand. While there, enjoy a breathtaking view of the city in all its glory. Do not miss out on the Empire State Building while in NYC. Contact CityWalksNY today for your tour of the real New York.

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Empire State Building Tours – Empire State of Mind September 17, 2017

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