Private Tours of New York City

Fall in Love with NYC this Summer

Fall in Love with New York City this summer

It seems when people think of NYC, they automatically picture Times Square, the Empire State Building, rude people, Seinfeld, and a litany of other things. Though all the aforementioned are rooted in some truth, there is so much more to a city with a population of almost 9 million and a history that is more unique that any other in the world. Why did Frank Sinatra sing a song blessing NYC? Why do millions of people flock here every year, hoping to catch a small measure of its magic? There must be a magical element to NYC that draws people from across the country and other parts of the world. But the magic is not always obvious, and a guiding hand is needed to help understand what makes the city so special. CityWalksNY is more than just a tour guide service, as we understand what truly makes NYC so great and beautiful. Let us take you on a private tour so you can fall in love with NYC and appreciate the city’s greatness.


Glitz and glamour are prominent parts of NYC, and you will find them readily if you stick to the typical tourist route. However, here at CityWalksNY, we pride ourselves on showing you the city as more than just a tourist catalogue. The city has character and history, and our private tour guides are well versed in the city’s stories. Walk along with us on the High Line and listen to the history of the city’s transit system, how Manhattan gradually shifted from overhead to underground subways, and the city’s efforts to create more green space by making efficient use of the past. Every monument, every historical figure, every avenue has a colorful history behind it that is not always readily evident. A private tour of NYC is the best way to truly appreciate the city’s greatness.


But do not let us dictate and how and where you want to fall in love with NYC. Explore your interests while in the city. Whether it is fine art or architecture, you will find your interests in abundance. Follow the evolution of jazz in the streets of Harlem or the contemporary indie music scene in Brooklyn. Or, embark on a project to chart the different architectural styles that are represented in the city’s buildings. CityWalksNY will be with you along the way, a guiding hand to show the beauty of the greatest city in the world.

Fall in Love with NYC this Summer July 21, 2017

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CityWalksNY has been providing unique and customized private tours for visitors and locals like who want to view New York City from a different perspective. All of our tours are customized based on what our clients are looking to get out of their visit. We work diligently to provide a one of a kind experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Should you have any questions or want to inquire about what we can do for you, please contact us and we will gladly work with you to accommodate your specific needs.


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