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NYC is a city of neighborhoods, with each one adding a unique aspect to the city’s overall cultural value. Whether it is neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Washington Heights acting as ethnic enclaves, or places like Williamsburg and SoHo which more prominent for their artistic contributions, each neighborhood brings something different to the table, providing visitors with an experience like no other. Among all those, Harlem stands out not only as a historical neighborhood with an African-American concentration, but also the birthplace of the Harlem Renaissance, an artistic movement that continues to influence art in America today. Contact CityWalksNY today for a private tour of Harlem, so you do not miss out on an iconic cultural institute of NYC.


The city faced a great influx of African-Americans as part of the Great Migration during the 20th century. Coming from the South, this population brought with it its culture, ranging anywhere from food and music to literature. As the largest center of the new African-American population, Harlem was the center of the new cultural movement, giving birth to the Harlem Renaissance, an artistic movement that used the expressions of the past to create new art that was unique and revolutionary, providing voice to a population bereft of one. Writers such as James Baldwin and Ralph Ellison found their voices while living in Harlem, while Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie found their initial success playing in the jazz clubs of Harlem. In the present, the Harlem revival has reignited interest in the area and its history, and now is a good time as ever to visit.


During your private tour of Harlem from CityWalksNY, you will not only see the different historic landmarks of the neighborhood, but also learn of the history. But the tour will be to your liking, so the theme can be arranged according to your tastes. If you are a foodie, explore how Southern soul food was transported to the Northeast, and how it has evolved over time. Institutions such as Sylvia’s and Amy Ruth’s still serve traditional soul food, showing how culture is preserved over time. Or, you could walk along Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard and explore the rich history of jazz and hip-hop as it originated and evolved over time in Harlem. Visit the Apollo Theater, a cultural venue that has been a center of innovative African-American artistic performances over the decades, and a recent renovation has made it a hub of activity again. Regardless of your interests, contact CityWalksNY today so you could have squeeze the most out of your visit to Harlem!

Harlem Private Tour July 19, 2017

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