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The Beautiful Libraries of New York City

Among the hustle and bustle of NYC, it can be difficult to find someplace quiet to relax and enjoy the spirit of the city. As enjoyable and iconic the noise of the city is, NYC has its fair share of impressive quiet spots. Of course, the last spot one would think to look for quiet while on a trip to a city like New York is a library. But as with everything else, NYC cannot help but offer even solitude in a majestic setting. Two of the biggest attraction in NYC are public libraries, with the Central Building of the New York Public Library in Midtown Manhattan and the Central Library Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library attracting scores of visitors year-round, with travelers eager to explore the soothing confines of the majestic structures as they pass through the flash of the city. CityWalksNY offers public library tours through NYC for the bookish traveler looking to indulge in the sight of a book located in a beautiful setting.


Constructed of beautiful Tennessee marble, the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, commonly known as the Central Building of the New York Public Library System, is hard to miss, even though it is in Midtown Manhattan, and a stone’s throw away from Times Square and Bryant Park. Opened in 1911, the Beaux Arts building is a sight to behold just for its architecture, but has more to offer even to anyone just passing by. Though quite difficult to navigate on your own, CityWalksNY can help you work through the beautiful interior and make sure you do not miss the Rose Main Reading Room or the McGraw Rotunda. A private tour guide can not only show you the biggest parts of the building, but also explain the history behind the building, including the new renovations that help librarians with the almost 1.5 million collection of books.


A Private Tour of the Libraries of New York City.

A public library tour of NYC would also take you outside Manhattan and to the entry-point of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, where the Central Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library is located. Known commonly as the Grand Army Plaza library, the building has its own architectural significance. Opened in 1940, the Beaux Arts styled building houses a local history collection that includes important artifacts about the history the borough, including items associated with the old Brooklyn Dodgers. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002, the Central Branch can be paired with a stroll through the beautiful Prospect Park while you visit the city. Contact CityWalksNY so you do not miss out any important landmarks during your trip to NYC.

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Library Tours of New York City March 27, 2017

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