Private Tours of New York City

Museum Tours of New York City

Museum Tours of New York City

As with any major city, NYC has its fair share of museums. But the magnitude of the city’s museums and their history are in a class of their own. These are iconic institutions that have set the bar for museums and artistic endeavors around the world, with museums such as the MET and MOMA being at the forefront of the evolving role of a museum in the contemporary world. But those two are just the beginning of the list, and while the plethora of options can be overwhelming, CityWalksNY can help you navigate through the city’s multitude of museum offerings. Whether you are interested in abstract expressionism or modernist, whether you would like to explore natural history or modernist pieces, a private museum tour through NYC will make sure you do not lose out an opportunity to explore the cultural and artistic side of the greatest city in the world.


Any art aficionado knows the names MOMA, MET, and Guggenheim. Yet, one would never expect three of the greatest and most iconic museums in the world to be in the same city. But NYC has the distinction of containing not just those three but more. Both the MOMA and Guggenheim are renowned for their devotion to contemporary and innovative art, and the museums not only house items from movements such as abstract expressionism and impressionist works, but the buildings themselves are works of art, their architecture making them stand out from their surroundings. Names such as Jackson Pollack and Mark Rothko can be found in the MOMA, while the Guggenheim sports names such as Manet and Picasso, among others.


But NYC is not just confined to those two museums. The MET is an institution itself, as the Beaux Arts building on Fifth Avenue is home to works of art from across the world. As the most visited museum in the entire USA, the MET boasts art from across cultures and continents, including Egyptian, African, Byzantine, and Islamic art. Antiques from ancient Egypt and sculptures by the European masters can be found here as well. Make sure to contact CityWalksNY so you do not miss out on a favorite exhibition while you are in town.


Private Tour of the Museums of New York City

Along with the famous art museums, the American Museum of Natural History is a great place to take your children, as they can explore their interests in science, archeology, paleontology, and others. You can pass by the Dinosaur Fossil Halls, or spend time ogling the skies in the Rose Center for Earth and Space. Or, do something more particular to the city and stop by the New York Transit Museum, which explores the history of the city’s famous transit system and its development over the years. A private museum tour of NYC will ensure that you not only get to see these iconic museums, but also have access to an informative guide from CityWalksNY that will provide detailed background on everything you come across.

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Museum Tours of New York City March 27, 2017

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