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NYC Gangster Tours

NYC Gangster Tours

We specialize in NYC Gangster Tours, building our knowledge and experience firsthand living in New York City and coming across people from different walks of life.

We’ve all heard stories of Gangsters from New York City, from shows like The Sopranos to movies like Goodfellas, the organized crime of NYC has been glorified and projected repeatedly in pop culture over the years. The image of the Tommy gun toting “wiseguy” has become synonymous with the image of crime in NYC. But there is so much more to the Italian mob than what has been put on screen. As far as the mob and gangsters in New York City there is a particular history, rooted in the NYC’s immigrant culture, that transformed how Italian-American organized crime became prominent, not to mention other crime groups, as well. There is only so much you could learn on the internet. Contact CityWalksNY today for a private mafia tour NYC.

A CityWalks private gangster tour will do more than pointing out the places affiliated with mobsters and gangsters of New York City. Our knowledge of this environment and first-hand experience coming across all of these peoples gives us an insider perspective that you won’t at a big tour company.


Gangsters of NYC

A private mafia tour NYC would not be complete without visiting the East Village and Little Italy in Manhattan, the historical birthplace of La Cosa Nostra, the Italian-American crime syndicate. Though the Five Families found different areas of power in other boroughs over the years, the origins are in Manhattan, where the early tenements and loosely formed street gangs gave rise to the eventual organized families. Originally brought together as neighborhood associations to provide for those who couldn’t take fend for and provide for themselves.

People like Lucky Luciano found their start in these streets, and your private tour guide from CityWalksNY will explain the historical and personal details behind one of the most influential figures in American crime, along with the figures surrounding him. There are a lot of stories in these bustling streets, during our tour we will explore all of the stories that have come into light as major turning points of the mafia’s rise in New York City.

Charles Luciano /Wikimedia

Mob City: Gangster Tour of NYC

While the East Village and Little Italy house scenes of mob hangouts and murders, including Crazy Joey Gallo, the history of crime in NYC is as diverse as its population.

The Lower East Side tenements gave rise to the Jewish-American Mafia, headed by Meyer Lansky. Though they did not grow as notorious as the Italians, their early influence directly affected how organized crime grew. Every marginalized group that made it’s way to the shores of this great country has had to fight for their right to survive in the cutthroat streets of New York City.

The former Five Points neighborhood on the Lower East Side was a hotbed of crime prior the influx of Italian immigrants, influencing the Scorsese film Gangs of New York. The private gangster tour by CityWalksNY will take you through the past and the present of one of the most interesting facets of NYC history.

You’ve watched NYC gangster movies for years and now you’re heading to the big apple itself. The only logical thing to do is to set up a private NYC Gangster Tour with CityWalksNY. We’ve been educating people about the organized crime that NYC is famous for years.

Let’s set up a time to speak and arrange a tour for you during your visit to New York City.

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NYC Gangster Tours September 17, 2017

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