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Places to visit in nyc

Places to visit in NYC during your trip

There is a reason why NYC is hailed as the greatest city in the world. In fact, there are numerous reasons, too many to keep track of. Where can one even begin to understand how diverse and beautiful this great city is? While a lot of cities are noted for certain prominent features, architecture or maybe a thriving music scene, the great thing about NYC is that it has all of those aspects as part of its personality and more! Just Manhattan itself is chock full of so many sites to visit, so many areas to explore, that it would take months to go through them all, each option more interesting than the last. With so many places to visit in NYC, a private tour guide can is essential to navigate the intricate streets of this complex city. CityWalksNY offers customized private tours to help satiate your various interests and inclinations during your visit to New York City.

With so many places to visit in NYC during your trip, it can help to narrow the list down before your visit. Are you enthusiastic about music and want to explore the new york music scene? Were you the drummer of a punk rock band during your school years, and still secretly rock out to The Ramones every chance you get? Then you probably know the rich history of punk rock in NYC, and how the East Village served as a burgeoning hub for musical pioneers of the genre. But perhaps your tastes are different, and you go more for Bob Dylan, or even Jimi Hendrix. Either way, CityWalksNY knows every place you need to visit during your trip.


As iconic of a city NYC is, there are some places to visit that just have to be on the list and your visit to the city would be incomplete without them. A walk through just Lower Manhattan and the Financial District exposes you to the economic center of the country and a wide array of architectural sites, from Trinity Church to the 9/11 Memorial Center and the Freedom Tower.

From there, you can easily walk across the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the Manhattan skyline and a one of a kind sunset looking across New York Harbor. You can continue on the historical trajectory and visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty, two sites that define not just NYC, but the United States itself. Regardless of how and when you want to explore the city, CityWalksNY private tour guide service will ensure your experience in the City that Never Sleeps will be memorable and worth every minute.

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Places to visit in nyc February 27, 2017

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