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Private tour of NYC

Private Tour of NYC with a Private Tour Guide

How is that a city that covers only 305 square miles manages to pack in so much vitality, architecture, history, and modernity within its confines? NYC’s uniqueness lies in its ability to balance the ancient with the new, holding on to the golden past, championing it, but also innovating and finding new means of making the city a better and more exciting place to live. Everything from the Statue of Liberty, to the heart of the American economy on Wall Street is located in NYC, and a private tour guide can help navigate the large array of iconic places to visit. CityWalksNY will help you on your visit to NYC and make sure you do not miss any of the beauty that is a hallmark of the city.


Explore NYC with a private tour from CityWalksNY

Private tours in NYC can help show you the city based on your interests and at your leisure. Fancy an architectural ramble? Numerous architectural styles are represented throughout the city, from the Art Deco stylings of the Empire State Building to Beaux-Arts Grand Central Terminal. Beautiful architecture is scattered around the city, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Trinity Church, City Hall, and numerous others. However, it is not just the classical styles that are represented in the city’s architecture, as numerous modern structures have arisen over the years and bear a visit, including the Oculus Transportation Hub and the new One World Trade Center.  Art is not just outside but inside as well in NYC, with world-renowned museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art hallmarks of NYC today. A private tour guide from CityWalksNY will make sure you understand the unique history behind each site and not miss anything of importance during your trip.

Despite the abundance of beautiful skyscrapers dotting the skyline, NYC also has its fair share of natural beauty. Central Park is located in the heart of Manhattan and is filled with everything from ice skating rinks to lakes and streams and even a castle! Central Park alone could easily take a whole day to visit. Strawberry Fields, the memorial dedicated to John Lennon, is located in Central Park, along with The Mall, an elm-lined promenade suitable for a romantic walk through town. In between all these locations, a private tour guide can show you how to navigate the complex subway system, highlighting the various art pieces that line the walls of the stations, including the installations in the new Second Ave Subway stations. Contact CityWalksNY for a private and detailed experience of NYC and make sure you do not miss out on anything amazing.

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Private tour of NYC February 27, 2017

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CityWalksNY has been providing unique and customized private tours for visitors and locals like who want to view New York City from a different perspective. All of our tours are customized based on what our clients are looking to get out of their visit. We work diligently to provide a one of a kind experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Should you have any questions or want to inquire about what we can do for you, please contact us and we will gladly work with you to accommodate your specific needs.


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