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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Private Tour

Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tours

NYC has a long and storied history that revolves around the arrival of people looking to build a better life for themselves. Our rich immigrant history is engrained in every aspect of the city’s life, from neighborhoods such as Chinatown and Little Italy, to the different national parades, from St. Patrick’s Day to the Puerto Rican Day Parade. The city continues to diversify, an exciting ethnic stew; but historic landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island remain standing as a physical reminder of the immigrant experience that shaped the NYC people walk through today. A guide from CityWalksNY can take you through the history and beauty of the city’s immigrant past, as the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island private tour promises to take you along the historic journey that so many have traveled on.


With the French Revolution being strongly influenced by the American Revolution, the US has a long history of camaraderie with the French. One of the symbols of this friendship is the Statue of Liberty, which stands tall even today and is a defining symbol of Freedom and Liberty the world over. There is a rich history behind the French gifting the statue, how it arrived in the country, and the symbolism behind its unique design. Contact CityWalksNY for a private tour so you could visit Lady Liberty and learn about the intricacies and details of the Statue of Liberty, and its importance to NYC.


Along with the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island holds an important place in NYC’s history as the port of entrance for immigrants. The most utilized immigrant gateway for over 50 years, people coming into the country walked through the halls at Ellis Island for inspection, hoping to gain entry to the land of their dreams after what was often a grueling journey over rough seas. Between 1890 and 1930 over 12 million immigrants entered the US through Ellis Island. During your Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island private tour, you will go back in time and follow the path that millions of immigrants took more than a century ago, inspecting the historical artifacts that remain as a reminder of the island’s treasured history. A private tour guide from CityWalksNY will elaborate on the history of the inspection center, walking you through the process by which immigrants took their first steps to become American citizens.

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Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Private Tour May 10, 2017

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