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While the West Coast can boast warm weather all year around, the East Coast, and NYC in particular, are much more appreciative of the summer months once the blistering cold passes through. Our appreciation shines through in how we celebrate the warm weather with absolute abandon, organizing festivals, going to the beach, all before we have to tuck our tails in due to the cold again. But before that happens, NYC is alive with activities, ranging from the outdoors to the indoors, and keeping track of everything can be a bit of a hassle. Private summer tours from CityWalksNY helps you not only organize any interests you want to explore, but also makes sure you never miss out on an important trip that will stay in your memories forever.


Summer events in Manhattan

What is most important to remember for summer in NYC is that everyone is out on the streets! In early June, the annual Big Apple Barbecue Festival is held in Madison Square Park. Famed barbecue vendors from around the country, some prominent locals, and new up-and-comers all line up their trucks around the park for a festivity of food and music. Or, if you’d like to indulge in the arts, stop by Central Park for the annual Shakespeare in the Park performances, where you can watch performances of plays such as Julius Caesar or A Midsummer’s Night Dream within the beautiful confines of nature.

Brooklyn, Queens, Governors Island & more

But Manhattan is not the only borough with summer activities in NYC. The gorgeous parks under the Brooklyn Bridge are a perfect place to while away the time. Or, head on down to Coney Island Beach for the weekly fireworks during the summer months. While there, feel free to indulge in the summer film series. Another interesting trip is Governor’s Island, where you can either lay in a hammock or go rock climbing. No matter the borough, the summer in NYC is a remarkable place to be, and a private tour will take you through it all. Whether you are looking for a food-themes trip or a more artistic one, make sure to contact CityWalksNY so you do not miss out on the crazed, fun-filled months of summer in NYC.

Summer in NYC June 5, 2017

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