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The Art of Transit Private Tour

The Art of Transit Private Tour

For a city that’s always in a rush, you don’t have to go far to see great art. Although the NYC Subway is one of the oldest and quickest ways to get around this sprawling metropolis. It is also one of the cities greatest cultural institutions – commissioning artworks across many mediums. You can find poetry, illustrations, sculpture, tile work and some stations – like the Occulus are themselves a work of art.

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Entertainment on the fly in the NYC subway

As one of the earliest mass transit systems in the world, the NYC subway system is an institution unto itself, the sprawling system with over 800 miles of active tracks conveys millions of commuters every day. But NYC’s transit system is more than just a means of transportation. It is a nexus of culture itself, as performing artists and musicians entertain weary riders on their way to and from work. The subway stations and the trains themselves are crammed with art and poetry. All of these combine to give the NYC transit system its unique aesthetic identity.

Underground Art

Starting in 1982, New York City Transit Authority initiated a program called “Arts for Transit” commissioning artists from around the globe to create unique art works specifically for subway stations. Most artworks are in the medium of ceramic tile mosaics, but there are many others of stone, steel and light. There’s even an invisible sound sculpture in the middle of Times Square! CityWalksNY offers a subway art tour that will take you through the subway stations of NYC, your private tour guide pointing out the unique history behind the different works of art.


New York Art imitating Life

Whether it’s “A Bird’s Life” comprised of large individual tiles by Elizabeth Grajales at 34th Street/Penn Station, Mel Chin’s “Signal”; steel and glass cones lit from inside at Broadway/Lafayette station, or the porcelain enamel mural “Times Square” by Roy Lichtenstein, the art works in the NYC subway system offer different perspective on life for New Yorkers. There are literally hundreds of individual art works scattered throughout New York City’s transit system. Visitors will learn about New York’s history, dreams and aspiration via the medium of Arts in Transit.

While on the transit art tour, you’ll come to understand the significance of each work, all while you’re led through the city’s complex subway system, learning to navigate it like a native. Your custom tour with CityWalksNY allows you explore and understand the subway of NYC as more than just a way to commute, but as it is a place that captures culture in motion. Sample Change.

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The Art of Transit Private Tour December 7, 2016

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