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Times Square – the Crossroads of The World Private Tour

Times Square:

The Crossroads of the World

New York City is a cosmopolitan city of many treasures. Times Square has a bold and colorful history, one worth exploring. Day and night, Times Square is lit up by the dozens of bill-boards advertising the biggest brands. Take a break in the pedestrian plaza and be entertained by performers practicing their trade. You’ll be surprised by what you see & learn.

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Explore Times Square & The Crossroads of the World

There is no place in NYC that embodies “the city that never sleeps” mantra better than Times Square. Smack in the center of Manhattan, Times Square embodies the NYC spirit with is bustling tourism and countless attractions. One could simply stand in the middle and rotate, enjoying the spectacular view, the bright lights, the massive ads, and the colorful assortment of entertainers that populate the area. But as one of the most iconic areas of NYC, there is more to Times Square than just the Elmo and Mickey Mouse figures, there is rich history behind the scenes. With a private tour guide, CityWalksNY will help you explore the many facets of Times Square, and the enjoyments that surround the hustle and bustle of NYC’s dazzling center.

What can you expect to find in your private tour of Times Square? Well, this is where every December 31 at midnight New York City celebrates the New Year.  Almost a million people floods the streets and sidewalks for the grand New Year’s Eve celebration! Times Square is also co-terminus with New York’s Theater District, you’ll find 39 Broadway theaters in the vicinity of Times Square, on the side streets.  Why are Broadway theaters on side streets and not on Broadway itself?  Take the tour and you’ll find out!


Something for every taste

And of course, Times Square boasts numerous restaurants that you’ll remember long after you’ve left. From classic French bistro Un Deux Trois, to coal fired oven pizza at John’s Pizzeria to Virgil’s Real Southern Barbecue, there is a restaurant for every palette imaginable. The restaurant selection in Times Square embodies the diversity of the city, providing a wide range of options for your visit. In fact, I challenge you to name an ethnic group that isn’t represented in New York City cuisine! To satiate your sweet tooth, at Mar’s M&M World you can get M&Ms with your name, holiday art, team logos and numerous other designs printed on them. Or, check out Carlo’s “The Cake Boss’” Bakery!

There is more to Time Square than just the glitz and glamor you’ll currently find, as it was a hub of crime and desolation from the 1960s through the 1980s. The neighborhood was revived and revitalizing in the 1990s through a partnership of city government and private enterprise. What was once one of the most notorious districts in New York City is now the most family friendly! Your private tour guide will unfold the rich history of Times Square as you walk amongst the throngs of tourists, pointing out notable locations along the way.

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Times Square – the Crossroads of The World Private Tour December 7, 2016

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