Private Tours of New York City

Tips on Traveling Through New York City

Tips on Traveling Through New York City

NYC is big. NYC is small. The city is old, but also modern. New York has its own unique culture, while also being home to a variety of cultures from around the world. Simply put, NYC is an enigma, a city that every day defies the expectations of residents and tourists alike. However, if you are coming in for a quick visit, the plethora of options available can be hard to handle. In such a scenario, finding the right tour guide can go a long way in shaping your journey to NYC. A seasoned tour guide, Matthew Cummings of CityWalksNY has some unique tips for private tours in NYC, from what to visit, to how to organize your trip.

Take in the main sights:

There are certain images attached to NYC around the world, including the blazing lights of Times Square, the peak of the Empire State Building, and the spirit of Rockefeller Center. If in the city, it is imperative to stop by these sites and take in the element of wonder and grandeur they inspire in the millions who visit every day.

Do not be afraid to step out:

While the big names are must-see spots during your vacation, there is more to NYC than just those. Do not hesitate to stray from the path and go for a walk. New York has so much to offer, and the unglamorous sections of the city are just as interesting and full of history as the rest. NYC is a collection of neighborhoods, each as unique and exciting as the other. If you are spending your day in the Wall Street area, walk on over to Chinatown and explore its unique hustle that makes it such an integral part of the city. Or, head on over to Brooklyn and explore neighborhoods such as Greenpoint, with its rich Polish-American history. But those are just two in a long list of interesting, and diverse neighborhoods in NYC that have their own unique contribution to the identity of the city.

Follow Your Interests:

Are you a certifiable DC or Marvel friend who collects first editions of anything Batman or Spiderman? Or someone with a strong eye for the different historic architectural styles?  CityWalksNY offers private tours tailored to address your interests. So, if you are in the city, do stop by Times Square and Central Park. But also, feel free to explore the parts of the city that fascinate you the most. NYC has a rich history in a variety of fields, including rock, jazz, modern art, films, and others. What makes the city so great is that everything is within reach at all times. If you want more tips for private tours in NYC, reach out to CityWalksNY today!


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